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Men's Programs


Answer House

5 G Street

South Boston, MA 02127

Tel: 617-268-7124 | Fax: 617-268-5572

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Mission Statement

Answer House is a Halfway House for men to help to improve the quality of life and independent functioning of a wide variety of clients through the delivery of an extensive system of community based substance abuse and social service programs. Our program helps our clients to emphasize dignity, respect and empowerment. We believe in teaching individuals the skills and problem solving abilities needed for self-sufficiency. We are a (6) six month program, with a variety of groups to help our clients cope with their substance abuse issues.

Director's Biographical Information

The Program Director, Mathew Hoffman, is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Level I, a Certified Clinical Supervisor, holds current CAS and CADAC II certifications.

He attended the University of Massachusetts at Boston, graduating with a BA in Psychology and the Boston University School of Public Health, completing the Masters in Public Health Program.  He also serves as a public member of the Substance Abuse Recovery Program of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and is the Treasurer of the Recovery Homes Collaborative.

Contact Person for Referrals   

Michael Baldwin, 617-268-7124, Mon-Fri 9-4

Admission Policy

Answer House is a (6) six month Halfway House for males with substance abuse issues, we require the client contact the program through a case worker from a holding facility, or a correctional facility. We have 24 beds, 6 of which are exclusively for clients coming from correctional institutions. We require that the individual have a psych-social and recent PPD upon his arrival for an interview. We do not except sex offenders and/or arsonists. No individuals that are taking strong psych meds, methadone, bupenorphine, and/or suboxone.  

Bridge House

mailing address:

PO Box 136

Framingham, MA 01704-0136


physical address:

18-20 Summit Street

Framingham, MA 01704


p: 508-872-6194 or 800-276-5578

f: 508-872-4287


The Mission of the Bridge House Program is to:

Provide a faith-based recovery home for men with substance abuse problems. Our program provides individual treatment plan counseling to support the spiritual, physical, social and intellectual health of each individual in recovery.

SERVING MEN – 18 and over with a 6-month residential program for substance abuse recovery

BSAS funded, we offer up to 33 beds: For men with justice involvement -- Any probation, parole or pending court issues will become part of the treatment plan. Interviews are by phone, on-site by appointment or walk-in.

Location and contact info: Just off Framingham Center, near SMOC and Metro West Health Center, with easy access to MBTA – the program has a great location for facilitating a recovery that includes employment and ongoing recovery support.

KEY Contacts are:

Nick Toroni, Intake and Senior Counselor, tel. ext. 103; nick@thebridgehouse.org

Kevin Maguire, Program Director, tel. ext. x 114; Kevin@thebridgehouse.org

Dave Lang, Executive Director, tel. ext. 102; dave@thebridgehouse.org

Gavin House

PO Box E-15

South Boston, MA

Tel: 617-268-5517 | Fax: 617-269-3296




Mission Statement

The Gavin House is a 4-6 month Residential Recovery Home for adult males whose lives have become unmanageable due to the disease of addiction. The mission of Gavin House is the “Restoration of Dignity” and self-respect for each resident in an understanding, supportive and home like environment designed to promote the development of a mature and responsible lifestyle that is free from addiction through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Because addiction is truly a family disease, residents, past and present, are considered family and our arms and doors are always open.

Director Biographical Information

Arthur Adams LADC I, the Program Director since July of 2004, has been in the recovery field for 18 years, previously the director of the Answer House for 5 years, and before that 9 years as the director of the Sullivan House. He is graduate, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Massachusetts where he earned a BA in Sociology/Psychology. Arthur has seen it all and brings a strong and compassionate hand to the overall direction of our program.

Contact person for Referrals           

John Ashe, M – F, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Phone: 617-268-5517

Fax : 617-269-3296

Admissions Policy

All applicants are required to be detoxified, medically cleared, TB tested, in average good health, and willing to fully participate in treatment. We have a zero tolerance policy, so total abstinence applies to all residents. Applicants are expected to attend daily AA meetings and a weekly AAWOL, along with other mandatory house meetings, duties, and curfews. Appropriate adult male alcoholics and drug addicts may apply regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Clients with a history of arson or sexual offenses may be referred to other residential programs.

Harbor Lights Center

407 Shawmut Ave

Boston, MA 02118


Harbor Lights Web Link


Mission Statement

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church.  Its message is based on the Bible, its ministry is motivated by the love of God.  Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination.


Bessie Wilkerson

Contact Person

The contact person for referrals is Darlene Porter (617) 536-7469 x226.  For all other matters, contact Jacqui Dyson-Hector at x227.

Referral, Interview & Admission

All referrals and referral materials should be faxed or mailed to Darlene Porter.  She will send out applications to those clients who cannot be interviewed face to face.

Harbor Lights admits and treats adult male alcoholics and drug addicts, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.  Clients with a history of arson, violence or sexual offenses may be referred to other residential programs.  

Hello House

686 Massachusetts Avenue

Boston, MA 02118

Tel: 617-262-7142 | Fax: 617-859-0880



Mission Statement:


Hello House Residential Recovery Program for Men is a 24-bed comprehensive treatment experience for men attempting to cope with drug and alcohol addiction.  The program is designed to take from three to six months to complete with an average length of stay of 95 days. The goal - to reintegrate it’s residents back into the community and their families as sober, fully functioning men who are employed and committed to an ongoing recovery process.


Referrals Process and Contact Information:


Hello House has always prioritized admission and treatment for men who are experiencing barriers to admission to more traditional recovery services.  These clients usually have additional issues that include HIV/AIDS status, dual diagnosis with MH and addiction, and cognitive difficulties.  Cultural issues are also considered during admission with expressed support of GLBT and ex-offender populations in particular. Hello House accepts phone referrals, and can conduct a quick telephone screening for referring agencies and self-referred individuals within 24 hours.  Interested parties may call 617-262-7142 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, except holidays.  




Hello House Residential Recovery Program for Men:

686 Massachusetts Avenue | Boston, MA 02118

Director: Michael Herron

Tel: 617-262-7142 | Fax: 617-859-0880

Email: MHerron@voamass.org


Next Step Apartments offers a reasonably priced alternative for men committed to the recovery process.


Referrals for Next Step Apartments:

At the present time, Next Step accepts requests for admission exclusively from graduates of the Hello House Residential Recovery Program for Men.


Contact Next Step Apartments:

Director: Michael Herron

Tel: 617-262-7142 | Fax: 617-859-0880

Email: MHerron@voamass.org


Hope House, Inc  

8 Farnham Street

Boston, MA 02119

Tel: 617-971-9360 | Fax: 617-971-9366




Mission Statement 

The overall philosophy of our rehabilitation service is to provide a structured and comprehensive environment to support clients' recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and to encourage progression towards an independent lifestyle.  Scheduled goal orientated rehabilitative services are provided in conjunction with ongoing support and assistance to lead an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

Director's Biographical Information

Executive director Thomas Duffly joined Hope House in 1994. Previously, he was employed for 30 years as a construction engineering manager for NYNEX and spent 10 years engaged in private market rate residential development. He was a member and president of the Hope House board of directors before accepting his current position in 1999. He is a dynamic leader and his breadth of knowledge and experience, along with his deep attachment to Hope House, has proved invaluable to our continued growth.

Contact Person

Roy Santarelli , Intake Coordinator - Phone 617-971-9360 / Fax 617-971-9366  email roy@hopehouseboston.org

Referral, Interview & Admission

Hurley House

12-14 Lowell Street

Waltham, MA 02154




Mission Statement  

Hurley House, Inc. promotes the successful reintegration of individuals into their communities through the achievement of long-term sobriety; the rebuilding of family systems; and stabilizing factors of housing, health care; employment and community affiliations, through which our residents become contributing members of society.

Hurley House, Inc. provides innovative services to individuals and their families who are affected by alcoholism and addiction, and who have psychiatric and medical issues.

Director's Biographical Information

Alfred C. Blake Jr. BS, CADAC, LADCI - Mr. Blake has been working in the Substance Abuse field for over 25 years.  He started as a attendant at Middlesex Regional Alcohol Treatment Center , he worked there for 5 years, becoming Manager of the Holding area at the Detoxification Center .  In 1985, he became counselor at Hurley House, Inc; in 1988, he became Head Counselor at Hurley House, Inc.  In 1990, he became Assistant Director at Hurley House, Inc.  In 1990, he became Executive Director, after the retirement of Henry "Hank" Duggan the first Executive Director of Hurley House, Inc.  This position he holds today.

Contact Person

Lyn Woods, Intake Coordinator - Phone 781-891-4323, 781-889-2540, 781-891-9135 Fax 781-891-9293

Referral, Interview & Admission

Hurley House is abstinence based 12 step recovery program.  Hurley House provides alcohol and drug treatment counseling to twenty men that live on one premises.  If an individual exhibits a willingness to deal with his problem, he will be considered eligible for our program.  Hurley House only excludes individuals' who have been convicted of murder, or similar violent crimes, sex crimes, and/or arson.

Hurley House requires a person interview before the applicant can be considered for admission.  It is not required that a person acknowledges having a specific substance abuse problem, or do we specifically exclude those individuals with an emotional problem or issued.  In the interview, we attempt to identify individuals having a mental/emotional problem that would be a hindrance to effective participation in the Hurley House recovery program.  Each admission is handled on an individual basis with the primary objective that the individual can effectively participate and gain from the guidance of the Hurley House recovery program.


Interim House


Mission Statement

Interim House was established in 1972, for the purpose of developing a place where individuals suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction have an opportunity to regain self-respect and daily living skills within the context of an operative therapeutic program based on recovery.

Director's Biographical Information

The Executive Director, Angela Fonseca began working in the Substance Abuse Recovery field 21 years ago, she has been with Interim House for 20 years.  She is attending Northeastern University and is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Level I and also a Certified Addiction Specialist.

Contact Person

The contact person for referrals is Scott Gomes, Day Manager 617-265-2636.  For all other program matters, contact Robert Macaruso, Program Director 617-265-2636.

Referral, Interview & Admission

All applicants must be referred from a referral/intake counselor at the facility in which he is in.  He must be free from any mood altering drugs and alcohol.  At the time of his face to face interview he must bring all his referral materials and TB test results.

Interim House provides adult males that are seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction and have a sincere desire to attain continues sobriety and become an active participant in the 12 step recovery program regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.

Persons with a history of arson, violence or sexual offences may be referred to other residential programs.

South Shore House

10 Dysart Street
Quincy MA 02169
Tel: 617- 773-7023



Mission Statement

The mission of the South Shore Recovery Home is to help the alcoholic/addict to help themselves find a way of life free from the use of alcohol or other drugs and once again become a useful member of society.

Executive Director’s Biographical Information:

Dr. Robert Monahan the Executive Director has a PhD, M.Ed. LADCI and CADAC. He attended the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Dr. Monahan has more than 30 years experience in residential treatment , more than 17 years as an executive director in residential treatment system. Also, Dr Monahan is an Advisory Board Member of the Impact Quincy Coalition, Quincy College advisor for Human Services and Social Work, and the President of  The Recovery Home Collaborative.

Contact person for Referrals

John McKinnon, 617-773-7023, Mon-Fri 9-4

Admission Policy

South Shore Recovery Home is a (20) twenty bed,  (6) six month structured recovery home program for males age 22 and older with alcoholism/addiction his #1 problem.  We require that clients come in through a referral agency. A telephone interview will be conducted with a counselor from the referral agency to set up a personal interview for prospective clients.  The referral agency must insure that all-necessary documentation i.e,  psychosocial, medical exam, release of information forms ect. Accompany the prospective client.  This is a working house, residents are expected to seek gainful employment two weeks after admission.

Wise Street

1 Wise Street

Jamacia Plain, MA 02130


Mission Statement

The mission of Wise Street Transition Recovery Home for Men, Valentine Street Program for Women, and the Porter Apartments is to help move people with chemical addiction beyond shelter and into an alcohol and drug free life by the restoration of their dignity.

Director's Biographical Information

Charles Yetmen is the Administrator of the Community Programs and Clinical Director for approximately 20 Counselors within the Boston Public Health Commission Bureau of Homeless Services.  He has been with the agency since 1990.  He is a licensed Alcohol Drug Counselor I, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist and Certified Domestic Violence Counselor. He specializes in treatment for the criminal justice clients with substance abuse problems and/or problems with institutionalization.

Contact Person

Charles Yetman @ 617-524-5967

Referral, Interview & Admission

Wise Street and Valentine Street programs are available to clients who want on going treatment.  The desired length of sober time is six months.  sex offenders are ruled out per neighborhood agreement.  They may stay for a period of six months to two year until they move into independent housing or re-unify with their families.  Clients must be over 18 Years of age, Male for Wise Street , female for Valentine Street , and male or female and single for Porter Apartments Permanent housing. (one bedroom apartments)