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Women's Programs


Edwina Martin House

678 North Main St
Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: (508) 583-0493


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Mission Statement

One of the state's first recovery homes, designed specifically for women, Edwina Martin House offers services to 21 women and can accommodate up to 4 infants at a time.  The house is located in the Brockton area, but welcomes women from throughout the state from detoxification units and short term rehab centers.  Linkages with local health services enable pregnant and post-part women the opportunity to begin recovery and motherhood, simultaneously, with better health outcomes for both mother and child.  By treating each woman with dignity while stressing personal responsibility, Edwina Martin House offers all our recovering mothers, daughters and sisters a chance for a new beginning.

Director's Biographic Information

Judith McDonough is the Executive Director of the Edwina Martin House. She has over 20 years experience working with people in recovery from substance abuse. Judy holds an M.Ed., from Cambridge College and an under graduate degree from U/Mass-Boston.  She is a Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, and a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor.  PRIVATE Judy has experience with many populations including : High Risk Offenders, Criminal Justice Clients, the Homeless and most recently Women in recovery.

Contact Person for Referrals  

Franceen Davis for Referrals

Donna McDade for program information

Admission Policy

Edwina Martin House serves women from 20 to 70 years plus.  Our target population, alcoholic and additive women who are homeless, pregnant, and Post-partum and infants.  Treatment is 4-6 months and they have Individual and Group Therapy and many other groups.  Each client is treated on an individual basis and treated with dignity and respect.

Hello House

686 Massachusetts Avenue

Boston, MA 02118

Tel: 617-262-7142 | Fax: 617-859-0880



Mission Statement:


Hello House Residential Recovery Program for Women is a 30 bed comprehensive treatment experience for women attempting to cope with drug addiction and alcoholism.  The program is designed to take from three to six months to complete with an average length of stay of 95 days. The goal - to reintegrate itís residents back into the community and their families as sober, fully functioning women who are employed and committed to an ongoing recovery process.


Referrals Process and Contact Information:


Hello House prioritizes admission for women in transition from homelessness, a correctional setting and for women veterans facing the effects of trauma.  Our staff actively helps referring agencies, shelters, detox programs and other residential programs place their clients in our service.  Priority admissions are offered to ex-offenders to prevent them from becoming homeless and having to enter shelters upon release. Hello House accepts phone referrals, and can conduct a quick telephone screening for referring agencies and self-referred individuals within 24 hours. Interested parties may call 617-471-6616 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, except holidays. 



Hello House Residential Recovery Program for Women:

P.O. Box 220648 | Boston, MA 02122

Director: Joanne Coleman

Tel: 617-471-6616 |Fax: 617-471-6383

Email: JColeman@voamass.org



Shiloh House Recovery Home offers a reasonably priced alternative for women committed to the recovery process. The program is designed to support residents in their first transition into sober living in a community setting. Case management and supportive services to address issues of education, vocation, housing and advocacy are also offered.


Referrals for the Shiloh House:

At the present time, Shiloh accepts requests for admission exclusively from graduates of the Hello House for Women.


Contact Shiloh House Recovery Home:

Director: Joanne Coleman

Tel: 617-471-6616 |Fax: 617-471-6383

Email: JColeman@voamass.org


Valentine Street

Mission Statement  

The mission of Wise Street Transition Recovery Home for Men, Valentine Street Program for Women, and the Porter Apartments is to help move people with chemical addiction beyond shelter and into an alcohol and drug free life by the restoration of their dignity.

Director's Biographical Information

Charles Yetmen is the Administrator of the Community Programs and Clinical Director for approximately 20 Counselors within the Boston Public Health Commission Bureau of Homeless Services.  He has been with the agency since 1990.  He is a licensed Alcohol Drug Counselor I, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist and Certified Domestic Violence Counselor. He specializes in treatment for the criminal justice clients with substance abuse problems and/or problems with institutionalization.

Contact Person

Charles Yetman @ 617-524-5967

Referral, Interview & Admission

Wise Street and Valentine Street programs are available to clients who want on going treatment.  The desired length of sober time is six months.  sex offenders are ruled out per neighborhood agreement.  They may stay for a period of six months to two year until they move into independent housing or re-unify with their families.  Clients must be over 18 Years of age, Male for Wise Street , female for Valentine Street , and male or female and single for Porter Apartments Permanent housing. (one bedroom apartments)